Most products sold by catalog and mail order also sell well on the Net. Choose products that could be shipped easily. Stay away from bulkier and heavier products that would result in higher shipping and handling outlet online Higher shipping costs diminish the price competitiveness of online products and turns off a lot of potential buyers. In fact, high shipping costs is the primary factor that discourages people from buying online more than any other single reason. Another Ernst and Young report shows that 53 percent of online shoppers are concerned with shipping costs that are too high, compared to only 19 percent who are concerned with credit cards being stolen.

Take for example dog food. A 40 pound dog food costs about $31 in one online pet store a price that is in itself slightly more expensive than your neighborhood grocery store. While price differential may not seem much,coach outlet store online add to that price the shipping costs of $8.99 and the gains from buying online diminish. Why pay more for shipping costs when you can easily run to your nearest grocery store to buy your dog food at a significantly lower price? As the merchant, you need to rethink your product offering if your shipping cost will price you out of the market.

High shipping costs can be a deterrent to online sales UNLESS there is an additional value to what you offer. It is thus no wonder that nonperishable,coach outlet online store information intensive products including computers and software, books, travel, consumer electronics, magazine subscriptions are the most popular online products at present. You can sell downloadable products that will be made available to buyers as soon as purchased.

The challenge you will be faced is when customers want to ask for a refund and the product for some reason. Given that you never know if they have already saved the product on their computers, it is important to make your refund and return policies very clear to customers BEFORE the outlet online shopping A couple in California is earning big bucks from the surfing school business that they established online, where people pay and come to their place to learn how to surf.

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