I love to collect DVDs and so does my boyfriend. Together we probably own close to 1000 movies. Have we spent $20,000 on these movies?coach outlet No. In fact, some of these DVDs have been really cheap, costing under $1. You may find that hard to believe, but you can find DVDs for really cheap, if you know where to look. Here are seven great places to find cheap DVDs.

I have found several DVDs on Amazon Marketplace. Some of these movies have only cost $0.01! Talk about cheap. Granted these are not new DVDs, at least not in most cases, though I have found a couple new movies for only a couple bucks.coach outlet store You do need to be mindful of descriptions and make sure the DVDs are in good condition and come with the case. Also check the seller's feedback. You can find just about any DVD you want and get them really cheap. Again, you will need to be mindful of the description of the DVD and be sure to check the seller's feedback.

Most of the time, you will only find DVDs on EBay for $5 and over, but that's still a great price. The advantage of EBay is having pictures of the item you are bidding on and more thorough descriptions.coach online outlet Be very cautious when shopping on EBay and make sure to choose DVDs that come with cases and artwork and DO NOT purchase DVDs that come from Hong Kong or claim to have foreign writing on the case. Check the seller's feedback making sure other buyers have not claimed to have received copies.

By joining Columbia House's Video Club, you will be able to get 5 DVDs for $0.49 each. Now that is amazingly cheap. Now you will have to buy a certain amount of DVDs to fulfill your membership, but this is such a great deal.coach outlet factory There are so many great deals offered through Columbia House that you'll quickly finish your membership. For example, I just purchased a DVD set, which counted as two selections, I got a free movie and then unlimited DVDs at 50% off. So I ended up with 10 DVDs for only $62.

Please keep in mind when buying used or cheap DVDs online that they may be copies. To avoid getting copies only buy discs that come in cases, have original artwork, and preferably come from . Also remember that if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is. Cheap DVDs, such as those costing $0.01,coach outlet sale for a new movie, are more than likely copies. When buying used DVDs at a flea market or yard sale be sure to open the case and check the disc for scratches.